Emma on Sunrise today! https://au.tv.yah

Emma on Sunrise today! https://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video/watch/33389037/story-of-my-life-emma-wiggle/#page1 Emma Watkins

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  1. Heleno says:

    Hi Jena, Do you know any Boardies that wanted to go to the Revesby Over 18’s show but didn’t get tickets? I bought 3 extra so that I could sell at face value to other real fans who want to go but weren’t as lucky with the ticket site as I was. (Call it fighting back against the scalpers. I figured any tickets I got, they wouldn’t get.) But I want them to go to real fans (such as the ones I saw at the Dee Why gig, rather than those who jumped onto the bandwagon for Melbourne because of great reviews of the show, and definitely rather than anyone who’d resell them.) I’m hoping that you might have heard from a Boardie or two who wants to go but missed out on tickets.

    I’d post to the Facebook myself except that a Trump supporter (a FB friend of a boardie!) got me kicked off Facebook for supporting Hillary Clinton, by lying and claiming that I was using a fake name (which I wasn’t… I use the anglicised spelling of my foreign name without special characters, and that is NOT fake — all the letters are there in the proper order). (Shame on them, by the way.) FB won’t let me back on until I send them a copy of my passport or licence, and I’m not going to do that for privacy, so looks like I’m off Facebook.

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  2. jenbeth5 says:

    I wish the WMB was still hear


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